MJR Showcase: Eli Meir Kaplan

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Against The Odds from Eli Meir Kaplan on Vimeo.


MJR Showcase: Gareth Phillips

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Gareth Phillips is a documentary photographer based out of Cardiff, South Wales but working extensively throughout the world. His most recent travels have taken him throughout Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Gareth shoots regularly for The Guardian and The Sunday Times in the UK and in 2007 was commended  by  the Ian Parry scholarship.


MJR Showcase: Matt Eich

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Our next Showcase comes from Matt Eich. You may have seen his stellar MediaStorm presentation or seen his work in print. You can download the interview here.


Matt Eich (b. 1986) is a Midwest based freelance photographer and founding member of the AEVUM photo collective with a passion for social documentary storytelling. He began working as a photographer while finishing a degree in photojournalism from Ohio University. His images have appeared in Newsweek, The FADER, The New York Times, Photo District News, Grazia, American Photo, HotShoe, GEO, The Sunday (London) Times, Issue and others. He has worked with The Orange County-Register, The Virginian-Pilot, The Oregonian, and National Geographic.

“Carry Me Ohio” by Matt Eich


Caption: A fallen road sign early one morning, one mile from Chauncey, Ohio.

Caption: Richie Goins, Jr. watches from the window of his parents trailer as cinder blocks are brought in to lay the foundation for his grandmother’s new trailer. Leetha Goins and her children Timmy, 25, Troy, 16, and grandson Will, for whom she cares, were displaced when a drunk driver swerved off the road and crashed into their trailer. A recent study showed that the child poverty rate has increased 5.6 percent in the state of Ohio over the past 5 years. In the town of Chauncey specifically, 33.3 percent of those under the age of 18 live below the poverty line.

Caption: The Goins family attempts to move belongings into a new trailer as dusk settles over Chauncey, Ohio.

Caption: Tracie Goins comforts Timmy, 25, as he has a seizure, Chauncey, Ohio. She had been up since 4am for work when a boy’s tantrum sent Timmy (left) into another seizure. Timmy is 25 and has cerebral palsy, requiring around the clock care. Tracie’s niece, Nicole, changes Ritchie, Jr. in the background.

Caption: Clayton Ator riles up his dogs Shank and Money after getting stoned. Ator, an ex-con learned to “shoot ink” in prison and does prison style tattoos out of his living room in Carbondale, OH.

Caption: Shandi Alfman, 16, Nikkie Barnhart, 14, Lisa Russell, 20, and Sheyenne McKee (R) hang out on the main drag of Glouster, OH.

Caption: Hank Balch, 38, and his brother Jeffrey Balch, 44, hang out and drink beer right off the main street in Glouster, OH.

Caption: Troy Goins, 16, sucks his toes to console himself as he sits on his new bed in his mother’s trailer in Chauncey, Ohio. His autism makes it difficult for him to deal with even the smallest changes and self-stimulation is his way of coping.

Caption: Tylor Woodrum, 16, burns trash in the backyard of his step-mom’s house in Carbondale, Ohio on January 30, 2007. His father, Dave Woodrum, was killed in August of 2006 in a high-impact 4-wheeler accident. Dave’s family had his body cremated and his favorite cock-fighting rooster mounted on top of the box.

Caption: Jesse Sellers peers up into a tree while hunting with a friend in Chauncey, OH.

Caption: Lindsey Andrews, 17, and her sister Neosha, 24, play with Neosha’s daughter, Jessica Maffin, 2, in Glouster, OH.

Caption: A cutout of Jesus looms in the falling light in Shade, OH.

Caption: Tracie Goins holds up a parrot’s wing in Chauncey, Ohio. ‘I like to take each of the birds out a few times a week,’ she said. She explained that recently caring for her brother-in-law, who has cerebral palsy, has consumed the time that once would have been spent on the birds.

Caption: Viewed through a collection of medicine bottles lining the Sellers family’s window, Hercules the dog crouches to watch the children playing in the snow. The Sellers family struggles with an assortment of health problems. Most of their children have asthma, and twins Kacey and Lacey, 5, were both born profoundly deaf. Chauncey, Ohio.

Caption: Tylor Woodrum, 16, holds a box containing his father’s ashes. Dave Woodrum was killed in August of 2006 in a high-impact 4-wheeler accident. Dave’s family had his body cremated and his favorite cock-fighting rooster mounted on top of the box. Carbondale, Ohio.

Copyright © 2008, Matt Eich



MJR Showcase: Mikko Takkunen

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Our first showcase is by Mikko Takkunen, a 28-year-old Finnish photographer. I Skyped it up with Mikko while he was in London. Here is the interview and here is Mikko’s essay on adult literacy and daily life after the civil war in Sierra Leone.

LARGO, Sierra Leone – There is a huge demand for the adult literacy classes and not everybody can be guaranteed a place. Mr. Shaku Bockari, adult literacy class participant in Largo, south eastern Sierra Leone, is one of the lucky ones.

MANDU, Sierra Leone – Young boys going home after helping their fathers with burning the bush. There are no tractors, and burning the bush is the common way to clear fields for farming.

MAMBOMA, Sierra Leone – Despite working long hours, the miners can only afford a very simple lunch, in this case raw cassava root with red palm oil.

MAMBOMA, Sierra Leone – One of the reasons behind the civil war was the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels’ desire to control the diamonds mining areas. Diamonds continue to be a huge business in Sierra Leone, but very few Sierra Leonese ever get to experience any of the luxury associated with the precious stones in the West. Diamond pit owner Mr. Umaru Jalloh shows off the green diamonds which he will eventually sell to the diamond dealers in Bo.

Sierra Leone – Boy watches the dying bush fire along the highway between Bo and Freetown.

LARGO, Sierra Leone – Adult literacy class in Largo.

BO, Sierra Leone – Fatmata Sheriff and her daughter Precious. Fatmata lost both of her parents during the civil war and afterwards ended up living on the streets of the country’s second biggest city, B,o and prostituring herself to make ends meet. She became pregnant by one of her customers three years ago. Precious is now 2 years old and brings her everyday to the hairdressing workshop she is attending to learn a profession Fatmata, as there is nobody else to look after Precious.

LARGO, Sierra Leone – Poor adult literacy is a huge problem in Sierra Leone. Fortunately, some international NGOs have started to run adult literacy classes. Many of classes across the country are held in the evenings as the time is more appropriate for the participants with family responsibilities. There is no electricity and at night the students must use candles, lanterns, and torches.

BO, Sierra Leone – Fatmata Kamara, 20, lost both of her parents during the war. She never went to school as a child, but is now attending a tailoring workshop and learning to read and write in a center meant for youth affected by the war.

GBINDI – Sierra Leone – The daughter of Mr. Alpha JJ Jagetay seen under a torch light just before having supper. The village of Gbindi where the Jagetay family lives, has no electricity as do not most places outside the capital Freetown.

Copyright © 2008, Mikko Takkunen.


MJR Showcase: Now Accepting Submissions

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So here’s the idea.

You have pictures, we have a blog. The future of photography is continually shifting and while things may seem foggy now, what we’re absolutely certain about here at MJR is that pictures should be first and foremost seen.

So we’ll be showcasing essays and series from emerging non-member photographers in all areas of the field, from photojournalism to fashion to travel and weddings. That likely means you.

Of course you retain all copyright. We’re not silly like some places.

First Showcase comes tomorrow. Good luck!


Here are the details:

- Brief synopsis of your career. Include contact info, age, website, email, etc.

- 12-15 images (captions in IPTC).

- Images dimensions must be 725 pixels wide at 72dpi and labeled “initials_mjr_showcase_00x” so they should read as “mja_mjr_showcase_001, mja_mjr_showcase_002″ etc.

Send all submissions to hello@wearemjr.com