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Ying Ang July 6 at 3:09am
hey honey, when do you get back?
darren arrives on the 14th! :)
Mustafah Abdulaziz July 6 at 4:03am
hey ying! i leave tomorrow and arrive at midnight on wednesday.


Ying Ang July 6 at 4:04am
did you read Darren’s FB status???

Surrealism defined – I spent last night in Kanye West’s apartment in Paris. Ordered takeaway (through the awkwardly attentive French butler), listened to tracks from his new album with Jay Z (in his incredible living room recording studio), watched Kanye freestyle over some James Blake after dinner, helped myself to his lavishly stocked fridge, previewed his new fashion line, drank some expensive alcohol, looked up some blogs (and accosted him for using my images on his 2 years ago without credit),watched him tweak the new Beyonce single in pro tools,paused at 1:30am for his meeting with the head of Balmain (who arrived with two models), then fell asleep on his couch reading Proust questionnaires.Got up and made an exit – back through a giant red door and on to a nondescript looking street in an ink black Paris

Mustafah Abdulaziz July 6 at 4:06am
yeah we spoke this morning. he’s in paris, same time zone as me.

unreal. did he know i walked behind kanye west to get out of the rush at the philip lim show during fashion week? directly behind him so i could get out and file my photos on deadline. and it worked. thanks, yeezy!

Ying Ang July 6 at 4:06am
Mustafah Abdulaziz July 6 at 4:10am
i told ida about this and after this story, that there’s one friend of mine she’s not allowed to meet and that’s darren…she’ll realize she’s just dating the poor man darren mcdonald.
Mustafah Abdulaziz July 6 at 4:11am
*poor man’s
Ying Ang July 6 at 4:11am

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