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Hello MJR community,

This is a collaborative project that Sarah Elliott, Agnes Dherbeys, Benedicte Kurzen and myself are working on, in an effort to use as a tool to bring this issue to sectors outside of the photographic realm. We want to bring this to the academia, corporate sector, philanthropic circles (for example) to open up ideas to a means of survival and the continuation of life after rape.

Women in the villages of the DRC are the fabric of life in the community. Without these women capable of functioning in a normal capacity and being ostracised for atrocities beyond their means to prevent, society is broken down. They are the tapestry in which all community life is woven and it is torn.

We would like to use this project to bring this issue to light in areas of the public sector that would be otherwise unaware of the steps forward that can be achieved in lending these women a helping hand to continue with their lives, either through mental or physical rehabilitation. In addition to this, the continuous call to abhor and stand against the very foundation of warfare fought on the bloodied ground of innocents.

Please share this project with your friends/network (especially to those outside the photographic community) if you find this at all important/relevant. We are totally open to communication or dialogue so if you have any contacts that you think would be useful or ideas for the project, get in touch! We would love to hear from you.




© Sarah Elliott Panzi Hospital Bukavu 2010

© Sarah Elliott Panzi Hospital Bukavu 2010

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