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[31/01/11 8:28:34 AM] Ying Ang: i was talking to Samuele from Prospekt
[31/01/11 8:28:48 AM] Ying Ang: and just talking about the “structure” of the alliances in my career
[31/01/11 8:28:52 AM] Ying Ang: and what i’m looking for
[31/01/11 8:29:13 AM] Gareth Phillips: prospekt are great huh..
[31/01/11 8:29:17 AM] Ying Ang: and MJR is the life breath behind the work that doesn’t pay. which is basically all my work (nearly)
[31/01/11 8:29:27 AM] Ying Ang: and it’s the work that means the most to me
[31/01/11 8:29:33 AM] Ying Ang: and that excites me
[31/01/11 8:29:37 AM] Ying Ang: and that i fall in love with
[31/01/11 8:29:45 AM] Gareth Phillips: SO TRUE..
[31/01/11 8:29:49 AM] Ying Ang: even if it means nothing to anyone else
[31/01/11 8:30:00 AM] Gareth Phillips: same.. so think the same ying
[31/01/11 8:30:01 AM] Ying Ang: it’s the work that happens for joy and not for critical analysis
[31/01/11 8:30:46 AM] Ying Ang: you know the bullshit drill, portfolio reviews, critiques.. all that stuff for “serious” work that you put out there so that you can hear everyone else’s opinion about how it can be done better
[31/01/11 8:31:24 AM] Ying Ang: this is pure, because it is separate from that. it’s just you.
[31/01/11 8:31:29 AM] Ying Ang: unadulterated
[31/01/11 8:32:10 AM] Gareth Phillips: ahhhhh, that is of no interest to me now all that drill bullshit.. i have  found my place or home in imagery and thats MJR and what it represents.. and that feels amazing
[31/01/11 8:33:13 AM] Ying Ang: yah, that last weekly really reminded me of what makes us different
[31/01/11 8:33:22 AM] Ying Ang: it feels… free

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