Smooth & Empty

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From his place at the apex of the triangle formed by their bodies, he was facing Anne’s upturned profile with a resolute stare that I recognised. His hand opened and closed on the sand with a gentle, regular, persistent movement. I ran down to the sea and plunged in, bemoaning the holiday we might have had. All the elements of a drama were at hand: a seducer, a demi-mondaine and a determined woman.

I saw an exquisite red and blue shell on the sea-bed. I dived for it, and held it, smooth and empty, in my hand all the morning. I decided it was a lucky charm, and that I would keep it. I am surprised that I have not lost it, for I lose everything. Today it is still pink and warm as it lies in my palm, and makes me feel like crying.

~ Fran├žoise Sagan from the novel, “Bonjour Tristesse”

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