MJR Film Grant Winners

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60 entries was combed to 19 incredible bodies of work. We handed the edit of 19 over to the gracious Nadja Masri, the former New York bureau chief/photo editor for the German magazine GEO, and received 6 finalists in return. All six photographers were put through the wringer in face to face interviews and Skype conference calls.

In the end we decided that there should be two winners.


Alison Malone will take home $500 worth of dead stock Fuji film to finish the west-coast leg of her The Daughters of Job series. We are proud to help her finish this incredible project and truly believe in the depth and dedication that is so evident in the previous four years worth of photography in which she seeks not only to preserve a dwindling American subculture but to respond to childhood memories and impressions from her own time within the Masonic ranks. MJR is excited to work with Alison and provide any logistical (and emotional) support she may need during the coming months of travel.


Katrín Björk, a recent graduate of the International Center of Photography, will be the focus of our first mentor program. The members of MJR will help Katrin develop her body of work titled “Family Vacation” and any other projects she stumbles upon after returning home to Copenhagen this Summer. What we’ve gathered from Ying’s ear to ear smiles all year long – and now – the long post graduate good-byes to classmates: going to ICP is as much about the people you are surrounded by in your classes day-to-day as it is being in the city and coming into contact New York photo industry. We want to be there for Katrin as she goes into colleague withdrawal and hope that we can help shape her continued development as a photographer.

Look out for a series of MJR Showcases coming up that will feature the work of our favorite photographers from the 2010 MJR Film Grant.

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    July 12th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Looking forward to the Showcases….great selections!