Intimacy Tribute and Contest Results

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The hounds over here at MJR are pleased to announce the winner of the Intimacy contest Dina Goldstein. Although the decision was close, we feel that her frame simply titled “#4″ was far from ordinary and actually quite stunning. The moment captured strikes close to home for everyone who remembers those adolescent days where going to party and grinding with that special someone was a profound moment. The bond between the people is unspoken and for that 3-5 minute song everything else around is dark and inconsequential. The moment between the two of you was confidential and undisclosed until after the dance, when the gossip takes charge. Suddenly your invisible moment was not as sub rosa as you thought.

The “feelup”, the “booty grasp,” the prepubescent togetherness on the dance floor is not only intimate, but an often overlooked milestone in people’s lives both as the copper and the copped. This image is as intimate as it is momentous, carnal and prime. Congratulations to Dina for winning the contest and thank you everyone for submitting. Keep on the look out for more competition notifications in the upcoming weeks.

Here is Dina’s winning image and be sure to check out more of her work at

Here is the MJR teams intimacy tribute. Unfortunately the downloadable PDF was not created due to time constraints/travel plans and the likes. But we will be back with renewed vigor next month. As for now the MJR intimacy tribute is published below. Thank you for understanding.


“Whether in the privacy of a stranger’s home, or close proximity, it requires one to give and take more than usual. As subjects, they are giving a large piece of themselves. As stranger, I have to resolve and justify what they’re experiencing as a photograph. And so light must be my inspiration, composition my eloquence.”

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