MJR Roadtrip: Smokey Mtns.

Published by MJR on June 12th, 2008 in General, Photos | Comments Off

so we’ve arrived late at the base of the Smokey Mountains, trading the at&t-reception-less backwoods for the rainy Rt. 40. when you leave the city limits and drive through valleys of forest under a craggy sky, you can breathe in the air and understand the purity of these places.

seeing as music’s as a big of a part of the american roadtrip as anything, we here in the mazda 6 would like to extend to you five tracks from our playlists. put them in any order, enjoy in a car or in your Nikes. crank the volume past the healthy mark.

and here’s the soundtrack from the road.


footsteps in the dark, part 1: & 2” – eisley brothers

lay it down” – al green

night drive” – chromatics

b.b.e. (big booty express)” – jdilla

i will possess your heart” – death cab for cutie



whole lotta love” – led zeppelin

one way out” – the allman brothers band

big love”  - lindsey buckingham

about today” – the national

death and all his friends/the escapist” – coldplay


and now for some pixels.



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