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Well the RjD2 show was really dope. He played with a live band which brought a whole new vibe to his music, they played a mixture of old and new stuff but at the end it was one of those concerts that was just too short, he could have played for another 3 hours as far as I’m concerned.

I caught him a week or so ago at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. It was funny because I was almost not let into the event with my camera. The security guy said “sorry man, no digital cameras”. A friend I was with jumped in and said “wait, thats not digital, he’s shooting film”. After a quick inspection of the back of my camera I was let right in with a firm head nod from the guy as he said “oh, go ahead sorry for the confusion”.

Anybody know anything about those rules, or have similar experiences? It was definitely camera discrimination against the digi’s. Then I thought aren’t cellphone camera’s digital? they should have made everyone with a cellphone take them back to their cars because there were people not only taking cell phone pix but recording video as well. Here are some frames made from the event. All images are in camera double exposures.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the man himself. Don’t know why this one wasn’t quite double exposed.

- J

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  1. Dave Says:

    April 24th, 2008 at 5:20 am

    They have instructions from the performer to not let in people with recording devices (video/photo) to protect the performance.

    In a way, they just want to make sure that there aren’t 150 assholes with cameras w/strobes at the show as that could get pretty annoying.

    Usually the artists or venue will have explicit restrictions on what type of filming can/be allowed to take place, mostly dealing in regards to the media that may be covering the event.

    Film is great because people treat it as a novelty these days, and see it as non-theatening to the copyright of the artist. Most of the restrictions really only deal with video, and simply because they don’t want someone to bootleg or negate the future need for a $20 live dvd or blu-ray. simple ecenomics man, because this is not nam, there are rules dude.

  2. mustafah Says:

    April 24th, 2008 at 7:52 am

    love it. i’m running out and had to look over it twice. i look forward to seeing what you’ll do at more event and music venues. maybe even backstage and on the road. julius, rock star photographer? i think so.

  3. Wes Says:

    April 24th, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    Do you think we (the loyal readers) could get a little bit of the technicalities of double exposure? I for one have only just within a month switched over to film from digital, and I am trying to learn more about it. Not that I will ever forsake digital completely, but I am exploring a bit right now, if you get my gist.

  4. Natalie Says:

    April 25th, 2008 at 10:49 am

    looooove double exposures